Lasers Can Whiten Your Smile

a dental patient receiving laser gum treatment

Laser Dentistry is an effective dental procedure that provides you with the opportunity to gain access back to a healthier and whiter smile. Gum disease causes all types of deterioration of your gums which includes bleeding and decay. However, due to advancements in laser dentistry it is now possible to use laser gum surgery such as LANAP to regain your smile as well as get your newfound confidence back.

Laser Focused
In general lasers are used for many things throughout the field of dentistry. These different processes range from whitening your teeth as well as detecting cavities to paring soft tissue and reshaping bones.

Addition by Subtraction

Laser light if focused in on the right wavelength and set at the right intensity can be used to remove tiny amounts of decaying gum tissue to contain bacteria infections and promote healthy gum tissue growth.

For Your Comfort
Gingivitis also known as gum disease has multiple phases ranging from moderate gum bleeding to more severe cases that include the gums no longer being able to shield the teeth or hold them in position. Also, when it comes to combatting gum disease, laser dentistry is better if used early on. This is because advanced gingivitis if the case is severe can take the option of having laser dentistry right off the table.

Minimally Invasive
When lasers are used in comparison to other dental mechanical tools there is less pain and bleeding which adds more comfort for the patient. Also, when lasers are used it is less likely that there will be damage to healthy tissue next to tissue that is being treated. Thanks to advancements in laser dentistry lasers can be used to help provide a more precise precision.

Take Action
Reach out to your dentist for further information on the laser dentistry process. This would be beneficial and all of your questions related to the process and the benefits of the procedure would be answered.


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