Dental Implant Cost Breakdown

Dental Implant Cost Breakdown

If you are one of the many people that are contemplating having dental implant surgery, one of the first things you are going to most likely be concerned with is the cost of dental implant surgery. Because this surgery is often considered as being cosmetic, your benefits if any will probably not cover it or at least not the full cost, so you will need to be prepared to spend some money out of your own pocket, or consider financing options.

How Dental Implants Work

To get the full picture of how much dental implants can cost, it’s helpful to start with a look at how dental implants themselves work. Dental implants are complex, and require a large amount of expertise to be placed!

Here’s a look at the major parts of dental implants:

The Implant Screw

This component is inserted in the jawbone, just like natural teeth. It’s made of biocompatible material, often titanium, so that the implant fuses with the bone over time.

The Abutment

This connector attaches to the top of the implant screw and anchors the dental restoration

The Restorations

These are your replacement teeth, which are anchored to implant screw via the abutment. Restoration can be dental crowns, bridge or specialized dentures.

Dental Implant Model

Why Dental Implants Can Be Pricey

The Actual Dental Implants:

The cost of dental implant surgery depends on a few things. The first obvious cost will be the surgery itself. Depending on the particular implant, your cost may vary. As with many surgical procedures, dental implant fees will differ from one doctor to another, so you will have to ask your particular dentist what their cost is. Your doctor or their staff will be able to quote you their cost of dental implant surgery. You should keep in mind that there are a few other costs involved here: the cost of the implant surgical procedure itself, the cost of the post which is placed on the healed implant, and the cost of the crown which is the tooth that is placed on top of the post.

Some dental professionals choose implant laboratories that utilizes low quality materials in the creation of dental implants at a lower cost. However, with this option, precision and fit are usually compromised when using low quality materials. Normally, high quality dental implants can last a life time for 99% of dental patients. However, these low quality materials can lead to weaker implants that break easily, leading to costly replacements down the road that could’ve been prevented by better quality implants.

Extra Procedures:

Having a strong bone foundation is very important for overall oral health. Specifically, if you are interested in receiving any restorative treatment procedures, there must be sturdy jawbone tissue available. Missing teeth, decay, dental trauma, or damage may have lead to bone loss in your jaw. Fortunately, bone grafting is a procedure that can help replace any missing jaw tissue caused by damage or trauma! Bone grafting is an amazing procedure that could give dental patients that have been denied dental implants before a new chance at a beautiful smile, but as it is a procedure that needs to be done, it will cost you more.

Many patients who loose their teeth, may of lost their teeth due to periodontal, or gum, disease. Before you can get dental implants, your gum disease must be eliminated before the implantation process can begin. Fortunately, many Dental Implant Professionals have the expertise and the equipment to deal with and treat gum disease and clean up your jaw, to give you the access to dental implants that you deserve!

What to Expect

Before going through the procedure, you will need to meet with your doctor for consultations. They will keep you educated on the treatment plan, and ensure you agree to all of the details. To truly get to the cost of a dental implant, it requires a simple evaluation from your doctor of choice. From taking a look in your mouth, doing the necessary X-rays, and then a sit down to consult over your needs and desires as far as a smile replacement is concerned, as simple or as complex as your doctor needs to make it. But as the complexity increases, the cost may increase. You should ask in detail what all the costs will be. If the cost out of pocket does not seem feasible, ask your doctor if they have payment plans available or if they work with a financing company. It’s it’s necessary to get to the right provider who can discern which treatments you actually need and would benefit from so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Although dental implant surgery is considered as being much milder than most other similar procedures, you should still know what to expect because you will generally have at least remote pain after the procedure. You need to be prepared for dental implant surgery pain and be aware of what the most common symptoms are as a result of the procedure. 

Are You Considering Dental Implants?

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