Understanding Full Arch Dental Implants

full arch dental implant

Full arch dental implants combine implant technology with dentures to give a permanent solution to missing teeth, all while preserving the jaw bone and surrounding tissues. Full arch dental implants work by inserting four to six implants in a patient’s mouth and then inserting the new set of teeth. It is a simple and common procedure that can be done in just one appointment. Dr. Garrett Gouldin and Dr. Francisco are highly recognized in their experience with full arch dental implants.

There are also several benefits to getting full arch dental implants as compared to traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures:

  • Full arch dental implants have a long lifespan
  • They are more stable than regular dentures, providing a strong bite and preserving the jawbone
  • A healthy jaw preserves facial muscles from sagging, giving you a younger-looking face
  • They are comfortable and allow you to chew and bite as you would with natural teeth
  • Once Dr. Garrett Gouldin and Dr. Francisco have assessed the full arch implants are appropriately functioning, you do not have to come back for continuous visits
  • Since the implants are specially placed where the tissue surrounding the jaw bone is healthiest, there may be no need for bone grafting. 

The procedure is performed by oral surgeons who also collaborate with a restorative dentist. The restorative dentist will create a custom prosthesis for each patient depending on their specific needs. Once you are ready for the procedure, the oral surgeon will remove any remaining teeth and will then insert the implants into the jaw bone. As the implant site is healing, a temporary denture is typically worn. Once the healing is complete, the permanent denture will be placed in your mouth completing this process. 

If full arch dental implants seem right for you, schedule a consultation with our periodontists, at there offices in Falls Church, VA so they can develop a plan that is right for you.


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