A Guide to Implant Supported Dentures

implant supported dentures

When one or more teeth are missing, you may be desperate to fix your smile but don’t want to invest in an entire set of dental implants. Although standard dentures in many circumstances are a good choice, if you’re in Falls Church, Virginia, Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin at Northern VA Periodontics may also suggest dentures assisted by implants in.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

These dentures are a type of overdenture that is supported and attached to a set of dental implants. The main difference between traditional dentures and implant supported dentures is that traditional dentures rest on the gums while implant supported ones are supported by implants.

At Northern VA Periodontics, our dentists usually recommend implant supported dentures in cases where the patient is missing teeth or if the individual is missing a full arch, but still possesses enough bone in his or her jaw to support the implant posts. These dentures have special attachments that allow the dentures to directly snap into them when in use.

Understanding the Process

After consulting with your dentist, if you opt for implant supported dentures, the same process for getting dental implants applies. In most cases, it takes between five to seven months to insert the implants and to properly place the denture in the mouth. Know that it can often take up to a year to get this type of denture if you need any preliminary procedures performed or if bone grafting is required.

As part of this process, you will need two surgeries. During the first, the dentist will place the implants under your gums in the jawbone. During the second surgery, the tops of the implants are exposed to allow the dentures to rest on top of them. Usually, the second surgery happens within three to six months after the conclusion of the first.

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