What Can I Do To Fix My Gummy Smile?

Dental Patient With A Gummy Smile

Have you ever felt like your teeth looked too short? Or that your gums seemed to give you too much coverage? Most people refer to this phenomenon as a “gummy smile.” What you might not have realized is that a well-trained periodontist can fix your gummy smile in Alexandria, VA. The process is simple and can be done in one visit, which makes it a wonderful and practical cosmetic dentistry solution. 


Reasons to Improve a Gummy Smile

Of course, you might wonder if it is worth addressing excessive gums. Having a periodontist remove gum tissue can have both practical and aesthetic benefits.

From a functional standpoint, your gums are supposed to protect the teeth. However, if your gums cover too much of your teeth, you may have a hard time cleaning under the gums. This can put you at greater risk of developing gum disease, which can advance quickly once it takes hold.

From a smile perspective, excess gums can make your teeth appear uneven in length or too short all-around. Shorter teeth are typically associated with children and young people. Therefore, improving a gummy smile could help you look more sophisticated and mature.

How Does a Periodontist Fix a Gummy Smile?

If you’re concerned that fixing a gummy smile will take a lot of time or require extensive surgeries, you can ease your worries fast. Periodontists can use laser-based, minimally invasive techniques to lengthen the appearance of your tooth crown by precisely removing gum tissue.

The process takes very little time and creates instant results. You can walk out of your appointment with a healthier, more balanced smile that may improve your confidence in social situations. Plus, you will be able to more adequately keep your teeth and gums clean, flossed, and polished between dental visits.


Set up a Consultation to Improve Your Gummy Smile in Falls Church, VA

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