Is There A Better Way To Treat Gum Disease?

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Did you know that your gum health is the foundation for your oral health? When your gums are healthy, your overall teeth and oral environment is as well. It is very important to maintain a healthy set of gums to decrease or eliminate your chances of getting gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, if left untreated, can lead to systemic illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, tooth loss, and even stroke. Symptoms of gum disease includes tender, painful, swollen, red, and bleeding gums and can be very disruptive to daily life. Fortunately, there are several options to treat gum disease in Falls Church, VA, including LANAP laser gum surgery. 


Traditional Gum Disease Treatment Options Can Include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing (SRP): A non-surgical procedure that treats gum disease by removing plaque, bacteria, and tartar that may be found beneath the gum line or in gum tissue “pockets”. By cleaning the gums and roots, a smoother surface results and encourages gum tissue growth and reattachment (for receding gums) and gum pocket reduction to improve gum and oral health.
  • Osseous flap surgery: For advanced gum disease, this procedure is a great option that has been used for several years to treat infection caused by bacteria that has traveled deeper into the gum tissue and may be at risk for moving to the bloodstream. The infected area and bone are cleaned and reshaped, promoting gum tissue healing in a more uniform way.
  • Periostat: When gum disease inflammation occurs, your body creates enzymes that break down tissue and bone. Periostat is the first oral systemic medication that reduces the body’s overproduction of these enzymes and prevents them from harming your oral health. Paired with surgical or non-surgical treatment, our team may recommend Periostat to assist in the reduction of pocket depths and to help improve gum and bone attachment levels.

There Is An Alternative!

LANAP gum surgery is a great, effective, minimally invasive way to treat gums that are displaying symptoms of gum disease in Falls Church, VA. Advanced laser technology is used to gently remove infected or diseased tissue from deep beneath the gumline. Since this procedure is minimally invasive, no cutting or incisions are experienced, making this a phenomenal option for virtually everyone including those with advanced disease. While this procedure is without a doubt effective, finding the best dental professional that offers it in an experienced and modern way is just as if not more important to make sure the best results are achieved.

Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin and the talented team at Northern Virgina Periodontics in Falls Church, VA understand the importance of having and maintaining a healthy oral environment and gums. The team offers advanced technology to provide precision, comfort, and effective, lasting results in treating and caring for your gums. These include:

  • Vatech digital imaging
  • Laser dentistry
  • Piezosurgery
  • 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner
  • PRGF and PRF
  • X-nav dynamic implant guidance system
  • Bone morphogenic proteins (BMP)
  • Densah bur technology


Be Free From Gum Disease

With so many options for treating gum disease in our office by Falls Church, VA, there is no reason to continue dealing with this any even for one more second! Contact Dr. A. Garrett Gouldin and his talented team today to get started by scheduling a consultation today!


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