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Advanced Technology Enables Comfortable, Streamlined Care

Much like other aspects of the world today, advanced technology is changing how patients experience periodontal and implant care. Advanced technology unequivocally improves several facets of treatment, from enabling less invasive procedures to delivering stellar results for your health and smile. At Northern Virginia Periodontics, our team is dedicated to bringing the Falls Church, VA community the latest in cutting-edge care and advanced technology. Our periodontists incorporate a wide range of advanced technology and services into our comprehensive periodontal and implant services to provide precision, comfort, and lasting results for our valued patients.

How Advanced Technology Benefits Our Patients:

Our Advanced Technology Techniques And Procedures

Our practice philosophy is to heal patients of periodontal issues and improve their quality of living in the most minimally invasive manner possible. As Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, we are committed to providing the highest standard of periodontal and implant care. To us, this means utilizing advanced technology and treatments proven to generate the excellent results the Falls Church, VA, community deserves. The advanced technology we trust to improve the lives of our patients include:

X-Nav Dynamic Implant Guidance System: X-Nav Dynamic advanced technology provides a 360-degree real-time view of your jaw and oral structures for high-level precision when performing dental implant surgery. With this innovative 3D system, our periodontists strategically position dental implants with extreme accuracy and control.

Vatech Digital Imaging: We use Vatech digital x-rays to capture highly accurate, low-radiation CT and panoramic images of your jaw, teeth, and other oral structures. These images determine the height, width, and density of the bone, and the location of the mandibular nerve and the maxillary sinuses. Our doctors use the diagnostic information provided by this advanced technology to precisely plan and perform a range of procedures, from dental implants to bone grafting.

We are proud to bring the benefits of laser dentistry to our patients. With this advanced technology, we effectively treat gum disease with the LANAP® laser protocol, save failing dental implants with LAPIP™ peri-implantitis treatment, and easily resolve tongue- and lip-ties with gentle laser frenectomies. Laser dentistry is virtually painless and typically bypasses the need for incisions or sutures.

BMP is a group of growth factors that signals the body to regenerate new tissue. We use FDA-approved BMP to encourage new bone growth when performing bone grafting and/or dental implant surgery.

Advanced technology used in bone grafting, extractions and other procedures, PIEZOSURGERY® allows our team to cut bone tissue without harming nerves or other soft tissues. This technique works through ultrasonic vibrations and eliminates discomfort and collateral damage resulting from traditional drilling methods.

Our wireless intraoral digital scanner captures color 3D impressions of your mouth, replacing messy materials and trays used for traditional impressions. This advanced technology improves your comfort, reduces treatment time, and increases overall efficiency and communication between our practice and your restoring dentist.

Platelet Rich Growth Factor and Platelet Rich Fibrin are techniques we use to assist with tissue regeneration which manipulates the patient’s own blood through centrifugation, to minimize discomfort and to maximize healing potential following periodontal and dental implant procedures.

Drilling for dental implant placement has been dramatically changed by this technique. This drill system operates in reverse, allowing the particles of bone that would otherwise be suctioned away to be incorporated into the wall of the prepared site. This is of huge benefit for dental implant treatment in less dense bone and in narrow ridges.

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