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A Lasting Alternative To Traditional Dentures

Full-arch replacement options – which is best for you?

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A Natural Choice Among Tooth Loss Patients

Implant-supported dentures are a long-term solution to full arch tooth loss for many Falls Church, VA, patients. Combining the convenience of dentures with the benefits of implant technology, implant-supported dentures attach firmly to a series of two or more implants firmly integrated within the jawbone. This connection between implants and bone affords high-level stability for your tooth replacement, restoring comfort, beauty and confidence to your smile. Whether you are dissatisfied with your current dentures or facing extraction of failing teeth, a consultation with Drs. Gouldin, Carlos and Gohel can determine if implant-supported dentures are the ideal solution for your smile. We can also increase your candidacy for implant-supported dentures with S.M.A.R.T. bone grafting technology, a minimally invasive procedure that prepares the mouth for implant success by replenishing lost bone in the jaw. 

Dental implants are highly regarded as the gold standard among missing teeth replacement options. Many patients choose implant-supported dentures for the lasting benefits they bring to oral health, appearance and general well-being.

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The Advantages Of Implant-Supported Dentures:

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Dedicated To Excellence In Implant Surgery

Our periodontal and implant team is committed to providing the highest quality care to Falls Church, VA, patients in the least invasive manner possible. To ensure predictable, precision results when surgically placing implants for implant-supported dentures, we use advanced CBCT diagnostic imaging and X-Nav Dynamic implant guidance technology. IV sedation and other relaxing sedation services are available, to minimize any anxiety you may have over receiving implant-supported dentures. Once we have placed your implants and the sites have fully healed, your general dentist or prosthodontist attaches your customized implant-supported dentures, fully restoring your smile.

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Elizabeth’s journey from dentures to Hybrid full-arch implants
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Overcome the effects of tooth loss with implant-supported dentures.