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Additional Services From Northern Virginia Periodontics

When it comes to caring for our patients, we feel it is our calling and duty to do everything within our power to heal periodontal conditions and improve quality of life. In addition to comprehensive periodontal procedures and dental implant surgery, our periodontists perform several additional services to bring health and wellness to the lives of Alexandria, VA patients. These additional dental services help ensure our patients enjoy the lasting oral health, comfort, and confidence they deserve.


Our Additional Services Include:

Using our PerioLase® MVP-7™ soft tissue laser, we routinely treat lip- and tongue-ties, and remove muscle attachments that are too high. A frenectomy painlessly releases the lip or tongue, increasing range of movement, comfort, and eating and speaking ability. The procedure can also prevent recession on adjacent teeth, as well as preclude tooth movement after orthodontic therapy.

Our periodontists perform gingivectomies as additional services to remove infected, overgrown or bulbous gum tissue from around the teeth. A gingivectomy may be part of a gum disease treatment plan and improves gum health by reducing periodontal pocket depths and minimizing areas for disease-causing bacteria to hide.

When diagnosed early, oral cancer generally is a very treatable condition. An oral pathology exam is a visual and tactile assessment of soft tissues in and around the mouth. We routinely perform oral pathology exams to evaluate for abnormal, precancerous or cancerous lesions. Common warning signs of oral cancer may include red or white patches in the mouth, a lump or thickening on the lining of the mouth, and chronic sore throats.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders affect a large number of Alexandria, VA, patients. To minimize these effects and provide relief from jaw pain and other symptoms, we provide the additional services of occlusal splint therapy (night guards) and occlusal adjustment (equilibration of the bite).

At times, the interface of the upper and lower teeth when biting together becomes unbalanced, due to teeth grinding, TMJ problems, and other conditions. We easily reestablish harmony between the upper and lower tooth with simple occlusal adjustments. These additional services gently reshape tooth structure on the chewing surfaces of back teeth to create an even, balanced bite.

Habitual teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) places undue stress and wear on the TMJ, teeth, and other oral structures. To protect the teeth and jaw joints, our doctors fabricate custom night guards, or acrylic splints worn over the teeth when sleeping, during the day or both. Night guards are additional services that prevent teeth grinding and relieve tension and pressure on the jaw joints.

Functional crown lengthening allows space for your family dentist to successfully restore your tooth with a filling or crown when there is a deficiency of tooth structure above gum to work with.

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We proudly offer additional services to improve your quality of life. Learn more from our team today!