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“The doctor and his team are caring and friendly. They made the extraction and implant both physically and mentally painless. Their office is comfortable and their equipment looks new. A very positive experience.”

Eric D.


“Top-notch professional service from a welcoming team, through dental surgery and follow-up to close out of my dental issue. The doctor is a superb expert in his field and cares a lot that you know the score in layman’s terms.”

Tom & Anita G.


“The doctor is an excellent periodontist, and super friendly and kind. He went the extra mile checking in on me post-procedure, always remembered me, and made each visit feel so personable. I highly recommend him and will definitely work with him moving forward!  Thank you for totally upgrading my smile. I am forever grateful!!!”

Julie D.

“The doctor was awesome and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Couldn’t recommend enough!”

Jeff W.


“OUTSTANDING professionals!”

Roy A.


“Excellent treatment and care for my crown lengthening! Highly recommended!”

James W.


“I had a wonderful experience getting an implant. This doctor is the best.”

Greg S.


“I had a wonderful experience at Northern Virginia Periodontics. The doctor was professional, friendly, and knows his way around oral tissue and cavity. The ancillary team was courteous and reassuring. I would highly recommend this practice.”

Eleanor C.


“Let’s face it, if you need to see a periodontist there’s likely a very good reason for it. This review is so I can share my sincere praise for the doctor and his team. They are simply the best in every way. This team is top-notch. I am confident that my eventual need for an implant was due to a gap in my dental care, brought on by a fairly traumatic experience with a dentist. Everyone here were good listeners and demonstrated that they cared about my comfort. My implant went perfectly and I now have a “tooth” for the rest of my life. I wish I could give them 6 stars!”

Susan C.


“I was treated by the doctor and his team at this practice over the course of three years. Lots of work. Many procedures. The doctor is smart, skilled, honest, and direct. Where options exist, he outlines them and helps you work through choices. I had lots of “cleanup and repair” done and 4 implants with some bone grafting here and there. In partnership with my general dentist, the outcome is fabulous and the process is more than bearable. I would not change a thing and highly recommend Northern Virginia Periodontics.”

Chip G.


“The best periodontist on earth!”

Vinita B. A.


“The doctor is a periodontal artist! His calming demeanor and patience in explaining the state of your oral health and any actions required to remedy it put you at ease. Moreover, his precision and gentleness made for a better than expected recovery with no complications. You will be in good hands with him and I look forward to being a patient of his for years to come.”

Jeff C.


“The whole team was extremely friendly and helpful with any questions I had. No one seemed like they were in a rush to get me out of the office. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and explained my gum graft procedure in detail. I did not have any work there yet so I am only reviewing the consultation process. Will definitely return for dental work.”

A. D.


“I had a procedure on my gum at the recommendation of my dentist in preparation for a crown, and although I was hesitant at the idea of gum surgery, the doctor thoroughly explained the rationale behind it as well as the procedure itself. He made me feel comfortable (and even smart) in voicing my reservations and showed the utmost patience and kindness. The procedure went very well and I was given everything to make a comfortable recovery. I won’t hesitate to have any future work done by this great doctor.”

Kathryn A.


“Referred to Northern Virginia Periodontics. The doctor described the procedure very well and was very friendly. Follow-up appointment went very well due to the initial work. Entire team was great and had a positive “can do” attitude! We need more stars for this company!”

Marvin S.


“As sad as I was that they were not in-network for my insurance (which covers absolutely nothing out-of-network), after getting several consultations I actively CHOSE to spend all of my money out of pocket when I visited this office. Based on the information I was provided, this was the best shot I had at retaining a pleasing aesthetic with my implant. The office team is always kind and courteous. The doctor is genuinely kind, caring, and patient, and as miserable as these procedures can be, this is the only person I would have wanted to perform it. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Ashley D.

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