Why Choose Northern Virginia Periodontics?

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Dr. Garrett Gouldin of Northern Virginia Periodontics has been in practice in the Falls Church area for around 25 years. He has been a Virginia native his whole life and expressed from an early age his interest in dentistry. Because of his profound interest, he studied dentists as he grew up, until he himself earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Tech. From there, Dr. Gouldin went on to earn is Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree and his Periodontal Certification and master’s degree. Dr. Gouldin takes immense amount of pride in his dental implant techniques and his education, that he became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. This title he holds denotes the highest status of periodontics.

As an extremely skilled periodontist, Dr. Garrett Gouldin treats the diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth. In his practice, they mainly focus on the gums, jawbone, and the ligaments that connect teeth roots to the jawbone. At Northern Virginia Periodontics, they are also highly trained in the placement and upkeep of dental implants.

The main thing that sets apart Dr. Gouldin’s practice from others is they constantly learn. The key behind always learning allows the doctors at this practice to provide the absolute best care available for all of their patients. Dr. Gouldin strives to understand his patients on more than a doctor level. His favorite aspect of being a dentist is having the opportunity to meet his patients, and understand life from all kinds of perspectives. This allows him and his team to provide the best care they can, knowing that every person is unique in their own right, and they deserve unique treatment that matches them, perfectly.

If you are in the Fall Church area, you should seek dental care from Dr. Gouldin and his team. They know how to properly care for teeth, and can keep you up to date on how to take care of your oral hygiene. Dr. Gouldin and the team at Northern Virginia Periodontics educate their patients on how to maintain their teeth health, by teaching techniques on how to remove plaque in a meaningful way.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gouldin and his team. They are always there to provide the utmost care for your health, and continue to innovate their ways.


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