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Mouth-Body Connection

The Benefits Of Periodontal Health Go Beyond Your Smile

Total Body Wellness Begins With Oral Health

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It goes without saying, a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. The mouth is an entry point for a number of factors that either promote or discourage good health. From proper nutrition to self-confidence, maintaining healthy teeth, bone, and gums is an important facet of ensuring a healthy lifestyle and general well-being. At Northern Virginia Periodontics, our focus is not only on the oral benefits periodontics provide – we also strive to improve the overall health, wellness, and living quality of our patients with proven periodontal and implant services.

If you have gum disease or are facing tooth loss, we encourage you to visit Drs. Gouldin, Carlos and Gohel for a personalized consultation. All of our periodontists are Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, an achievement denoting their mastery of all phases of periodontology and implant dentistry. We proudly offer a range of gum disease treatments, comprehensive periodontal services and dental implant solutions that can restore long-term benefits to your oral and general health.

The Gum Disease-Systemic Health Link

The effects of gum disease go far beyond the smile and are known to impact general health in a number of ways. Research has found a link between gum disease in the mouth and a range of systemic health concerns. It is believed that inflammatory factors caused by gum disease and bacteria in the mouth travel through the bloodstream and impact other bodily systems. Gum disease may exacerbate already existing conditions, while eliciting the onset of other health problems.

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Gum Disease Has Been Linked To:

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Why Partner With A Periodontist?

Maintaining regular visits with your general dentist is important to keeping your teeth, gums and jawbone healthy. Visiting a periodontist for gum disease, implants, and other specialty care needs ensures the highest quality care for your health, wellness, and smile. Periodontists are experts in diagnosing and treating gum and bone conditions and have advanced expertise in implant surgery. As leading periodontists, we proudly partner with general and restoring dentists in the Northern VA, area and are the specialists other dental professionals trust for their own periodontal and implant needs.

Understanding periodontal disease and how it affects your overall health
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