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A Minimally Invasive Alternative To Traditional Gum Disease Treatments

Experts In Saving Smiles

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The biggest threat to the smiles, health, and wellness of patients is gum disease. This common oral condition impacts nearly three-fourths of adults and is the leading cause of tooth loss today. As experienced periodontists, we treat gum disease and its effects on a daily basis. Though we offer traditional gum disease treatments, we find minimally invasive LANAP® laser gum therapy to be highly effective for many of our patients. If you experience bleeding, swollen or tender gums, notice a receding gum line or have loose teeth, gum disease is likely to blame. Gum disease will not resolve on its own, and effective treatment is required to stop the disease process and save your oral health.

Drs. Gouldin, Carlos and Gohel are certified in the highly acclaimed LANAP® laser protocol, which uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ soft tissue laser to gently treat gum disease. As the first ever FDA-cleared laser gum disease treatment, LANAP® laser gum treatment is proven to effectively halt the progression of gum disease and save teeth from this destructive infection. LANAP® is ideal for moderate to advanced cases of gum disease and has significantly improved the health and longevity of at-risk teeth. No matter your oral condition, our team is ready to restore your gum health and save your teeth in the most minimally invasive way possible.

Dr. Carlos talks about using LANAP® for periodontal surgery
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The LANAP® Laser Therapy Process

To perform LANAP®, our doctors direct the PerioLase® laser down into periodontal pockets, or spaces between teeth and gums that harbor bacteria. The powerful yet gentle LANAP® laser vaporizes diseased gum tissue and eliminates harmful bacteria. The laser only seeks out infected tissue, which is darker in color, leaving healthy tissue in place. We then mechanically remove tartar deposits from root surfaces, which are denatured by the LANAP® laser. Our doctors pass the LANAP® laser over affected sites once again to naturally seal the pockets and begin the healing process.

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Choosing LANAP® Offers A Range Of Benefits:

Improving Gum Health Through Advanced Technology

Traditional osseous surgery is still a viable option for some patients, but does require incisions and sutures to gain access to infected areas. LANAP® is a modern, advanced solution for treating gum disease with less impact on oral tissues, and ideal for those unable to receive osseous surgery due to health issues. As board-certified periodontists, Drs. Gouldin, Carlos and Gohel are passionate about bringing the highest standard of periodontal care to the local community. We proudly offer LANAP® laser therapy as a minimally invasive alternative to overcoming the common problem of gum disease.

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Every Patient Has A Story

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Kenny’s Story – LANAP® laser treatment gave me a healthy smile
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Patient talks about his LANAP® laser dentistry experience