How Much Do Gum Grafts Cost?


How Much Do Gum Grafts Cost?

Several factors can influence the total cost of your soft tissue (gum) graft procedure. At Northern Virginia Periodontics, our specialists will perform a comprehensive periodontal evaluation to properly diagnose and determine all of your soft tissue grafting needs. They will take into consideration your gum health, as well as any symptoms or esthetic concerns you may have. With this information, and with your input, our team will create a tailored plan that best suits your individual oral health needs.

The primary factors that influence your soft tissue grafting treatment plan include the number of teeth being grafted, the severity of gum recession, gum thickness, and even gum disease. Sedation during the procedure and additional services such as radiographs (x-rays), pre-surgical tooth cleaning, and the use of growth factors will all contribute to the treatment cost.

At Northern Virginia Periodontics, we have a tiered pricing approach for our soft tissue grafting. The cost is $3,233 for the first tooth needing treatment, $2,460 for the second tooth, $1,820 for the third tooth, and $1,500 for each additional continuous tooth within the arch (there are two arches in a patient’s mouth: upper and lower). The tiered pricing only applies to consecutive teeth in the same arch, and therefore the tiers are reset when the procedure extends into a second arch. The cost of soft tissue grafting is capped at $13,500 per arch. This means that the cost of soft tissue grafting can range from about $3,500 for a single tooth, to $27,000 for the entire mouth. Our treatment coordinators will review your individual treatment plan in detail and help you understand the various payment options you have. This includes a clear discussion about insurance coverage, third-party financing, and pay-in-full discounts.

Our office has carefully researched the cost of soft tissue grafting provided by periodontists in the Washington DMV area. You may see other office fees that are lower, particularly in non-specialist offices. It is important to understand that periodontists are the experts in the tissues that surround and support the teeth and implants, and therefore possess the most relevant skills to achieve the best surgical, health, and aesthetic outcomes.

The fees at Northern Virginia Periodontics reflect the quality of the care provided by our doctors, board-certified periodontists, and active Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, who have built a high degree of trust and confidence amongst referring dentists and their patients over the course of an almost combined 50 years of practice. This trust has been built on delivering results of the highest level in a safe, gentle, and predictable manner. Our clean, state-of-the-art offices and elite-performing, empathetic team members, as well as the use of premium surgical materials, are vital to our success rates and patient experience. Northern Virginia Periodontics approaches your care knowing you have options. We are honored that, in addition to assisting referred patients, the doctors at Northern Virginia Periodontics provide their services to many friends and family of referring dentists and treated patients.

The next time your dentist plans on referring you for a gum graft, ask them:
“Who would you send your family to?”

Northern Virginia Periodontics

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